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Split bearing housing unit series

Designed for easy disassembly, simplifying installation or replacement in tight spaces. Its pre-set clearance eliminates the need for on-site adjustments.

Bearing housing unit with taconite seal

Effectively prevent contaminants from entering; Significantly extend the service life of bearings and seals.

Special bearings for vibration situations

High Vibration Tolerance; Misalignment Tolerance; High Load Capacity; Low Friction; Enhanced Wear Resistance

Solid grease bearings

Especially suitable for outdoor lifts, cranes, turntables and other bearing configurations where it is difficult to replenish grease.

Roller lnsert bearings

The roller insert bearings we offer can handle higher loads and have a longer service life, while being quick and easy to install on the shaft and can withstand initial static misalignment.

Insulating coating bearings

Insulating coating bearings feature an electrically insulating coating on the outside surfaces of either the inner or outer bearing ring.

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